How does this work?
  1. Register for the Wildlifer Challenge. Become a member in no time and get started.
  2. Secure Log In. After registering, you can log in anytime and look at the Challenges, enter your Challenge answers, etc.
  3. Challenge Central. The Challenge Central page shows the Challenge Tree with icons of 20 Challenges. Explore as many Challenges as you like. Click on an icon to enter the Challenge Notebook page.
  4. Challenge Notebook. Each Challenge has a notebook, with information pages that will help you do the Challenge.
  5. Challenge Task. Here is the heart of the matter. In the Challenge Notebook we ask several questions about your Challenge experience. If you choose to do a particular Challenge, just answer these questions. Simple.
  6. Photo Upload. Make sure and bring a camera on your Challenges and have someone photograph you at the height of accomplishment. We will ask you to upload that photo as proof that you did it.
  7. Finish 15 Challenge s, and we will be in touch!
How do I register?
  1. Registering for the Wildlifer Challenge is simple. On the Home page, look for the big talk-bubble button coming out of the Bird's mouth. It says " Take the Challenge, Join Us Now! " Click on this and you will be taken to the registration page.
  2. Enter Profile Information. Just enter your information so that we have a record of who you are. Your information is secure and private!
  3. Email Address. Next just enter your Email address. This will be your official account log-in name.
  4. Password. Now just create a unique password. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT TOO EASY. BE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN SOMEWHERE SO YOU DON'T LOSE IT!
  5. Create User. Click the "Register" button, and that's it. YOU ARE NOW A REGISTERED WILDLIFER!
How do I log in and get started?
  1. Just Starting. Once you have registered, you can click the button to "Take the Wildlifer Challenge".
  2. Returning User. If you are returning to the site, on the Home Page click the "Already a Member? Log in Here" button.
  3. Log In. Enter your Email address and password. Press the "Log In" Button.

You Are So In!

How do I create multiple users?
  1. Individual and Family. With your WildLifer account, you have the ability to set up as many individual WildLifer Profiles as you need. Now you can log in from this single account and all your children, grandchildrend, and neighbor kids can track their own WildLifer Challenge progress from the single account. To create extra profiles:
    1. First, go to your ' Wildlifer Challenge Center '.
    2. Now, you can press the 'Create Profile' button. Fill in the individual information and this will allow you to begin
  2. Groups. As a group leader, you can set up multiple Groups Profiles, and each group can take the WildLifer Challenge independently. Each of these groups is simply defined and can contain multiple individual participants. Create as many groups as you want.
Do I need to have a computer (laptop) with me when I do a Challenge?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! The whole idea is to get you outside! Just look at the requirements for a Challenge that you want to do in the Challenge Notebook. Then remember some of the questions we will ask you. Use the website to help you PLAN your activities, but you will not need it when you are doing the Challenge.

How long do I have to complete 15 Challenges?

There is no time limit for completing the WildLifer Challenge.

How can I track my progress?

Tracking your progress is real simple.

When you Log In, you will be taken to the Challenge Central page. On this page you will see a bunch of information:

Date Started : When you registered

Challenges Completed : How many Challenges have you completed (out of the total requirment of 15)

Days remaining for Completion : This counts down the days until the end of the year.

When you complete a Challenge, the 'icon" in the tree will turn gray. That same icon will appear in the "Completed Challenges" bar at the bottom of the page. This is a simple way to tell which Challenges you have finished!

Its up to you to remember which Challenges you have started, but not quite finished.

If I start a Challenge, do I have to complete it?

No. You can enter answers into the Challenge Notebook for any Challenge, but you do not have to finish it.

Even if you "Complete" a Challenge, you can "undo" it by deleting an answer -- that Challenge will no longer be on record as completed.

Once I complete a Challenge can I change an answer?

Yes. A completed Challenge can be modified.

You can even change a Challenge's status from Completed to not-completed by deleting one of the answers. If you do that, all you have to do is re-answer the question and it will be listed as completed again.

Can I change my photo after I have uploaded one?

Yes. You can upload a new photo and it will replace the old one.

How do I upload a Challenge photo?

Make sure to get the photo onto your computer, and then when you click the UPLOAD button, just navigate to the directory containing the photo, select it, then press the upload button.

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